General peoples committee
Service section

Decree from the assistant secretary of the service section No. ( 328 / 2004 ) concerning the regulations and tariff of the shipping agents. After revising all the concerning commercial and maritime laws . It has been decided


.The shipping agent is the legal party to communicate with the ship owner , charters ships masters or any crew member, and represent the owner and all concerning parties in all responsibilities according to the legal applicable laws and regulations .
.The shipping agent shall charge for his services tendered to the ship his fees as stated in the attached tariff and he has the right to use any means to collect the said charges without delay or partition .
.The ship agent is obliged to tender all services required by the vessel and her crew during her stay in the port by all the available customary means and he is obliged to forward all information and details requested by the competent authorities in the ports, regarding the vessel and her shipment within their lawful authorities .
.The ship agent must appoint sufficient tally-men for every vessel for the period of loading/discharging to check and control the cargo in the events of shortage/damage and forward to the concerning parties in the port a final report within (24 hours) from completion of loading/discharging to be confirmed (signed) .
.The ship agent is obliged to forward copies of the disbursement accounts to the chamber of shipping to check and audit periodically in no more than three months with the income percentage as stated in decree nr (657/89) issue by ministry of transport (formerly) .
.The ship owners are obliged to forward the freight manifest to their shipping agent at least 24 hours before the arrival of the vessel and failing to do so will hold the vessel liable for legal actions .


.The vessel will bear the cost of the tally-men whatsoever the conditions of carriage unless there is an agreement between the shipper and receiver .
.The agent is not liable for any fine he is not directly responsible and if he was fined he has the right to ask the chamber of shipping to intervene with the concerning parties according to the charter of the chamber of shipping . Also the vessel should not be liable for any fined caused by the agent .
.The attached tariff should be considered as service expenses for the operators of the oil and gas ports , with the concerning parties .
.The tariff mentioned in the second article of this decree should not be calculated higher or lower and whoever do so will be legally liable according to the commercial regulations of the country .
. In case of a any breach of the third and fifth articles, the competent authorities in the transport and communication board or whoever take their place shall take all the necessary actions to protect the general interest .
. The Decree No. ( 66 ) For 1988, Of The Generals Peoples Committee For Transport, Regarding Agency Fees Will Be Null And Void .


. This Decree And Agency Fees Tariff Will Be Valid Form The Date Of Issue And Will Be Polished.